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Long Tail Procreated by Spencer Haws – a well-known internet marketer, is a super powerful keyword research tool that I had been using for the past 3 years to help my sites rank high in search engines attracting relevant targeted traffic.

Spencer created Long Tail Pro with a straight forward, easy to use objective. Long Tail Pro was launched in 2011 and had since undergone numerous upgrades over the years and is still work-in-progress. The current version is 3.0.48 as of today 18 March 2016.

Unlike other keyword research tool, you can be assured that it will never go obsolete and to find your high conversion niche keyword will only get easier.

Why People Choose Long Tail Pro?

1) Fast Results with Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Pro allows you to input multiple seed keywords in a single search and it will return the results with multiple key phrases within minutes showing you the top 10 websites on Google page one.

The results will give you the key information like Page Authority, Page Rank, Juice Links, Domain Authority, Site Age, Local Searches, Global Searches, Keywords Competitiveness, Amazon Reviews, etc.

A great advantage Long Tail Pro has over its competitors are the filters that will allow you to filter out unproductive and irrelevant sites. For example, you can choose to only see keywords with at least 1500 searches.

Imagine the hours you will need to spend to gather all these details manually?

Below is an example of a screenshot of using “Long Tail Pro” as my keyword. It shows there are 1600 searches for “Long Tail Pro” and the average difficulty to rank for “Long Tail Pro” is 44 which has somewhat high competition.

2) Finding Domains Availability

Using exact match keywords as your domain name is one way to rank high on search engines and Long Tail Pro has this feature to let you do just that.

3) Analysing Competitors in Google

Knowing your niche keyword competitiveness is super important especially for the top 10 websites ranking in Google.

If a particular keyword you are searching returns back with high competition, you can easily move on to the next keywords.

However, if the results show you low competition in at least 3 websites ranking in Google, you know you got a winner. (Usually, I only go if there are at least 3 websites with 30 or less in keyword competitiveness)

Long Tail Pro do just that for you.

4) Knowing How Your Own Sites Rank in Google

You can also use Long Tail Pro to check on your own websites ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. The results return will give you an accurate picture of how your site is ranking for particular keywords.

This is definitely is more accurate than manual searches because manual searches are influenced by personalised and localised results.

What is the Cost of Long Tail Pro?

There are only 2 plans to choose from:

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