5 Factors on How to Create a Successful Sales Funnel

Sales funnel
Sales funnel

If you imagine a sale funnel to how water flows, it will give you a pretty good idea of how to create a successful sales funnel of directing your subscribers to your sales pages and to buy from you over and over again.

It will be good for you to read my earlier post: Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel where I strip down the sales funnel into why, what and where.

There are 5 Must Have Factors that you need to consider before you rush off creating sales funnel that you think will be successful. So let’s get down to business to how to build successful sales funnel for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

1) Market Intelligence on Traffic Source

a) Are there websites already running successful campaigns in your targeted niche?

b) Where are these websites getting their traffic from (Social media, Networking, Banners, Email, Directories)?

c) What are the type of ads these websites are buying?

If you are able to find the answers to these questions, there is actually no need for you to spend time generating your own traffic, all you need to do is to position yourself in front of this traffic and detour them to your own website.

2) Demographics

This word alone is self-explanatory and easy to understand but many of us tend to make mistakes with it. You need to specifically define the age group, sex, education level, income level, geographical location, race, religion, language, hobbies, occupation, habits, etc. It is a non-exhaustive list that you can think of to define the traffic in your targeted niche.

The whole purpose of this factor is to make sure that you are offering your product to the right traffic otherwise your sales funnel is not going to produce the desired result.

3) Products Offer

Find out what are the products and the prices that are offered in your targeted niche. In order to know exactly what others are offering, it is important that you subscribe and buy what are being offered. This is real marketing intelligence of studying the competition in your targeted niche.

Study their emails content, newsletters, products, the frequency of emails, banners, upsells, downsells, etc. Use this information to build your own offer to give yourself an upper hand by giving your targeted readers a better offer.

4) Landing Page

Next is the landing page that the competition is using. Did you arrive on their sales page or opt-in page or a combination of both? The reason for this whole exercise is to study what works and what don’t because you are not here to reinvent the wheel but to copy and emulate the success of the competitions.

5) Your Ads

a) How does a successful ad look like?

b) What type of ads makes people click on them?

c) What type of graphics, headlines, videos these successful ads that attract traffic?

You want to know what type of ads works and model after it


The objective of going through these 5 Factors on How to Create a Successful Sales Funnel is to plan for success by not waste your time and effort by reinventing the wheel. The difference between creating a successful or failed sales funnel can be months of wasted efforts and money.

So take your time to study the competitions in your targeted niche and you will definitely understand why it is worth every effort and minute of yours once you start to see the money coming in.

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