4 Affiliate Marketing Questions Answered | Questions about an online business

Today’s post focal point is about 4 very important questions about an online business. Every successful online business owner will need to have these 4 affiliate marketing questions answered before they embarked on their niche.

Using just these 4 words “Who, Where, How and What” you will be able to identify if the niche you are targeting is worth your time and effort. If you are unable to answer all the 4 questions it will be wise for you to move on to your next target niche.

  1. Who are the customers you want to target?
  2. Where can you find them on the web?
  3. How can you lure them to you?
  4. What result can you give them?

So let’s dive straight in about these 4 critical questions about an online business and not waste any more of your precious time.

Questions about an online business - Who are the customers you want to target?
Questions about an online business – Who are the customers you want to target?

Question 1: Who are the customers you want to target?

By just having an idea on which niche you want to target is not enough. You need to find out who do you want to be your customers as these are the people who is actually going to buy from you or your affiliate links. It is essential that you do thorough homework on this group of customers because you are going to maintain close interaction with them to get them to buy from you regular.

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You do not want to waste your time on the wrong group of people where they are just exploring and have no intention to make any purchase. Your sales conversion will suffer when you target this wrong group because they are not buyers but just subscribers to your autoresponder. (Go to the Resource page to get your right essential tools).

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Question 2: Where can you find them on the web?

The next question you need to ask within these 4 questions about an online business is where can you find these buyers? Do they they hang out on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, Google+? What blog topics interest them? What newsletter do they subscribe to? What are their other interests?

It may sounds overwhelming in the beginning or if you are just starting out but it is very important that you know who your target buyers are and how you can interact and communicate with them. In order for them to buy from you, you must first earned their trust.

How can you drive customers to you?
How can you drive customers to you?

Question 3: How can you lure them to you?

Once you know who and where are your targeted buyers, your next objective is to find the right bait to lure them to you. This can be in the form of free ebook, training videos, training program, podcast or physical products.

Without an attractive bait as a pull factor, it will be almost impossible to pull them away from their usual hangout. This bait must be something your targeted buyer needs.

Question 4: What result can you give them?

The last question you need to answer once you round up your targeted buyer, you need to give them the result they are seeking. For example if your buyers are looking to start a internet marketing business, the results they are seeking will be a targeted mailing list, courses, training programs.

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Hoped you have enjoyed reading this post and learn something on the 4 very important questions about an online business. 

If you find this post not clear or not meeting your needs, please feel free to give your comments. I, personally read all comments send in by my readers and is ready to act upon them.

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