Long Tail Pro – Find Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Procreated by Spencer Haws – a well-known internet marketer, is a super powerful keyword research tool that I had been using for the past 3 years to help my sites rank high in search engines attracting relevant targeted traffic.

Spencer created Long Tail Pro with a straight forward, easy to use objective. Long Tail Pro was launched in 2011 and had since undergone numerous upgrades over the years and is still work-in-progress. The current version is 3.0.48 as of today 18 March 2016.

Unlike other keyword research tool, you can be assured that it will never go obsolete and to find your high conversion niche keyword will only get easier.

Why People Choose Long Tail Pro?

1) Fast Results with Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Pro allows you to input multiple seed keywords in a single search and it will return the results with multiple key phrases within minutes showing you the top 10 websites on Google page one.

The results will give you the key information like Page Authority, Page Rank, Juice Links, Domain Authority, Site Age, Local Searches, Global Searches, Keywords Competitiveness, Amazon Reviews, etc.

A great advantage Long Tail Pro has over its competitors are the filters that will allow you to filter out unproductive and irrelevant sites. For example, you can choose to only see keywords with at least 1500 searches.

Imagine the hours you will need to spend to gather all these details manually?

Below is an example of a screenshot of using “Long Tail Pro” as my keyword. It shows there are 1600 searches for “Long Tail Pro” and the average difficulty to rank for “Long Tail Pro” is 44 which has somewhat high competition.

2) Finding Domains Availability

Using exact match keywords as your domain name is one way to rank high on search engines and Long Tail Pro has this feature to let you do just that.

3) Analysing Competitors in Google

Knowing your niche keyword competitiveness is super important especially for the top 10 websites ranking in Google.

If a particular keyword you are searching returns back with high competition, you can easily move on to the next keywords.

However, if the results show you low competition in at least 3 websites ranking in Google, you know you got a winner. (Usually, I only go if there are at least 3 websites with 30 or less in keyword competitiveness)

Long Tail Pro do just that for you.

4) Knowing How Your Own Sites Rank in Google

You can also use Long Tail Pro to check on your own websites ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. The results return will give you an accurate picture of how your site is ranking for particular keywords.

This is definitely is more accurate than manual searches because manual searches are influenced by personalised and localised results.

What is the Cost of Long Tail Pro?

There are only 2 plans to choose from:

Tips on Lowering Bounce Rate & Prevent High Bounce Rate

Today we shall discuss on how to prevent high bounce rate and tips on lowering bounce rate to your website. Despite your good effort in getting targeted traffic to your website, you want them to stay long enough to read the great contents you had produced and eventually subscribing to your mailing list.

If your website did not have what they want or has nothing of value to offer, chances are they won’t be back and your website will be forgotten. Period.

Note: Every internet marketer applies this formula:

Good Content + Targeted Traffic + Mailing List = Money


If you like to know how to get targeted traffic and build a mailing list which should be high on your list to your internet marketing business you can read them here:

a) Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website Using Only 3 Simple Methods
b) How to Engage the 3 Types of Targeted Traffic
c) How to Build an Internet Business Buyers Mailing List
d) Simple Ways in Building a Database of Opt-In Email Addresses List

Four (4) Basic Tips on Lowering Bounce Rate

A low bounce rate simply means visitor arrive at your website, they moved around, explore your website and spent time reading your contents. If you want to know tips on lowering bounce rate to your site, I had listed them down below to help you achieve a low bounce rate:

  1. Real Quality, Relevant Updated Contents:   Targeted traffic who arrive at your site expect nothing less than real relevant contents. They know what they want and thus expect at least that or more from your website. Have real, relevant and updated contents that can teach them to make them learn something new from you.You want your website to be a good resource to them by providing honest, clear and easy to understand contents and products you are offering. This will leave a good impression to your site and they will revisit again for good reasons.
  2. Interact and Ask for Comments:    Interact with your visitors by asking them their opinion of your contents and how you can help them further. You want to create a sense of belonging and ownership. It is important to build trust and it is a great way to build a constant flow of targeted traffic to your website.
    Note: Always reply to comments make to your site. Have the last say as much as possible. This will also improve your search engine rankings.
  3. Short Paragraphs and Visual Aids:    Make short paragraphs in your contents. Each paragraph should preferably be just 3 lines. They made your website looks more pleasant. Add some relevant pictures as visual aids to help stimulate readers emotions.
  4. Complicated Site Navigation:    This has always been my personal principle when comes to designing my own websites. Personally, when I arrive at a site and finds it too complicated to navigate, I would simply click the close button and it could happen in less than 3~5 seconds.How do you feel when you visit a shop with things cluttered everywhere…? It serves no benefits to your visitors and you if they can’t find what they want.

Four (4) Basic Tips to Prevent High Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate simply means visitor arrive at your website and decide to leave almost immediately. They are not bothered to explore your website to check it out. And there are several reasons to it which I had listed them down below and how you can prevent high bounce rate:

  1. Unappealing Website Design:   Step back and look at your website design and be honest with yourself by putting yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Look at the colours (background, font) and size of your font (preferably font size: 16).Ask yourself if your website is pleasant and simple for visitors to stay long and come back again? Go around and visit other websites. See, feel and tell yourself how you want your website to look like.
  2. Relevancy:    Your contents, title, offers, graphics should always stay in-line so that you can serve the correct targeted traffic. Be clear and honest about what you are offering. If the contents and freebies that you are offering is confusing and does not match your title, you will get a high bounce rate for every visitor to your website.
  3. No “Call To Action”:    Despite all the effort and time spent to produce great contents to your targeted traffic, you want to retain them as your subscribers and for them to return. But if there is nothing to facilitate this objection, then probably your visitor could have exited and forgotten the name of your website forever. Has it happened to you when you just can’t find that particular website that after you had exited?
  4. Slow loading speed:    Websites with slow loading speed will definitely get high bounce rate. Visitors will not wait for your website to load up because they want immediate information. That’s how people behave.


To summarise things up, you need to carefully plan and know clearly what you are offering on your website. Follow the tips above on lowering your bounce rate in order to get high readerships and in return build up your mailing list which will eventually become your source of internet business income.

Always analyse your traffic behaviour by using a free tool like Google Analytics. If you want to know the market trends and what people are searching for you can use a tool like SimilarWeb.

High bounce rate

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5 Factors on How to Create a Successful Sales Funnel

Sales funnel
Sales funnel

If you imagine a sale funnel to how water flows, it will give you a pretty good idea of how to create a successful sales funnel of directing your subscribers to your sales pages and to buy from you over and over again.

It will be good for you to read my earlier post: Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel where I strip down the sales funnel into why, what and where.

There are 5 Must Have Factors that you need to consider before you rush off creating sales funnel that you think will be successful. So let’s get down to business to how to build successful sales funnel for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

1) Market Intelligence on Traffic Source

a) Are there websites already running successful campaigns in your targeted niche?

b) Where are these websites getting their traffic from (Social media, Networking, Banners, Email, Directories)?

c) What are the type of ads these websites are buying?

If you are able to find the answers to these questions, there is actually no need for you to spend time generating your own traffic, all you need to do is to position yourself in front of this traffic and detour them to your own website.

2) Demographics

This word alone is self-explanatory and easy to understand but many of us tend to make mistakes with it. You need to specifically define the age group, sex, education level, income level, geographical location, race, religion, language, hobbies, occupation, habits, etc. It is a non-exhaustive list that you can think of to define the traffic in your targeted niche.

The whole purpose of this factor is to make sure that you are offering your product to the right traffic otherwise your sales funnel is not going to produce the desired result.

3) Products Offer

Find out what are the products and the prices that are offered in your targeted niche. In order to know exactly what others are offering, it is important that you subscribe and buy what are being offered. This is real marketing intelligence of studying the competition in your targeted niche.

Study their emails content, newsletters, products, the frequency of emails, banners, upsells, downsells, etc. Use this information to build your own offer to give yourself an upper hand by giving your targeted readers a better offer.

4) Landing Page

Next is the landing page that the competition is using. Did you arrive on their sales page or opt-in page or a combination of both? The reason for this whole exercise is to study what works and what don’t because you are not here to reinvent the wheel but to copy and emulate the success of the competitions.

5) Your Ads

a) How does a successful ad look like?

b) What type of ads makes people click on them?

c) What type of graphics, headlines, videos these successful ads that attract traffic?

You want to know what type of ads works and model after it


The objective of going through these 5 Factors on How to Create a Successful Sales Funnel is to plan for success by not waste your time and effort by reinventing the wheel. The difference between creating a successful or failed sales funnel can be months of wasted efforts and money.

So take your time to study the competitions in your targeted niche and you will definitely understand why it is worth every effort and minute of yours once you start to see the money coming in.

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4 Affiliate Marketing Questions Answered | Questions about an online business

Today’s post focal point is about 4 very important questions about an online business. Every successful online business owner will need to have these 4 affiliate marketing questions answered before they embarked on their niche.

Using just these 4 words “Who, Where, How and What” you will be able to identify if the niche you are targeting is worth your time and effort. If you are unable to answer all the 4 questions it will be wise for you to move on to your next target niche.

  1. Who are the customers you want to target?
  2. Where can you find them on the web?
  3. How can you lure them to you?
  4. What result can you give them?

So let’s dive straight in about these 4 critical questions about an online business and not waste any more of your precious time.

Questions about an online business - Who are the customers you want to target?
Questions about an online business – Who are the customers you want to target?

Question 1: Who are the customers you want to target?

By just having an idea on which niche you want to target is not enough. You need to find out who do you want to be your customers as these are the people who is actually going to buy from you or your affiliate links. It is essential that you do thorough homework on this group of customers because you are going to maintain close interaction with them to get them to buy from you regular.

Read post: How to Direct Targeted Traffic

You do not want to waste your time on the wrong group of people where they are just exploring and have no intention to make any purchase. Your sales conversion will suffer when you target this wrong group because they are not buyers but just subscribers to your autoresponder. (Go to the Resource page to get your right essential tools).

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Question 2: Where can you find them on the web?

The next question you need to ask within these 4 questions about an online business is where can you find these buyers? Do they they hang out on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, Google+? What blog topics interest them? What newsletter do they subscribe to? What are their other interests?

It may sounds overwhelming in the beginning or if you are just starting out but it is very important that you know who your target buyers are and how you can interact and communicate with them. In order for them to buy from you, you must first earned their trust.

How can you drive customers to you?
How can you drive customers to you?

Question 3: How can you lure them to you?

Once you know who and where are your targeted buyers, your next objective is to find the right bait to lure them to you. This can be in the form of free ebook, training videos, training program, podcast or physical products.

Without an attractive bait as a pull factor, it will be almost impossible to pull them away from their usual hangout. This bait must be something your targeted buyer needs.

Question 4: What result can you give them?

The last question you need to answer once you round up your targeted buyer, you need to give them the result they are seeking. For example if your buyers are looking to start a internet marketing business, the results they are seeking will be a targeted mailing list, courses, training programs.

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Fixitz – wealthy affiliate

Fixitz – affilorama

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