Tips to Keep Your WordPress Blog Secure

All right you have spent thousands of hours building your blog with hundreds of blog posts and the last thing you want is to have it hack and all your efforts lost before you know it. So today I am going to share some tips on how to keep your wordpress blog secure. As you start to build… Read More »

Four Important Brand Building Strategies

Brand building is just like list building because the process never ends. In fact brand building sounds simple and yet the execution part of it is so very difficult and tedious because you need to create a differentiating factor, awareness, value, loyalty, etc all around. Irregardless of the size of your business, if you want to have a huge… Read More »

When is Best Time to Send Email Campaign

There has never been a best time to send out your email campaign because it varies in each market, geographic locations and most importantly the behaviour of your subscribers. For some marketers, the best time to get high click through rate and even higher chance of closing a sale could be from Monday to Thursday, while others could… Read More »

How to Get More Clicks in Your Email Campaigns

As an internet or affiliate marketer, you definitely want to have a high click rate in your email campaigns. This is what I want to discuss in today’s post “How to Get More Clicks in Your Email Campaigns”. Your most important objective in any affiliate marketing business is to make sure your subscribers buy from your recommendations. Now… Read More »

5 Tips To Good Email Open Rates

Are you aware that good email open rates of any marketing campaign is roughly between 15% and 25%? And how is email open rate calculated? Don’t worry calculating email open rates is not rocket science. You can easily calculate it on your own by using this simple formula: (Emails Opened/(Emails Sent-Bounces)) x 100% You can however rely on the… Read More »

How to Grow Your Email Lists

To be successful in any form of affiliate marketing businesses online, you need to know how to grow your email lists effectively. You probably read or heard this term “The money is in the list” hundreds of times whether offline or online. You may be interested to read: A) Building a Responsive Email List of Buyers B) 12 Ways to List… Read More »