5 Ways to Build Customers Trust

Internet marketers who knows the basics of how to build customers trust will enjoy greater success with long term business growth. Getting your customers to trust and buy whatever you recommend will take a whole lot of hard work and time, something that is achievable if you follow the tips we are going to discuss today. 1. Be Transparent This first… Read More »

Lead Generation with Infographics

Unless you had been living under a stone or jungle for for the past 10 years, you would have come across all sorts of infographics daily. What are Infographics and why are they effective? Information graphics or infographics, as they are known, are text information, data or knowledge presented clearly in a graphical way mainly because visual effect has a… Read More »

8 Highly Effective Encouraging Welcome Emails

How does your first email looks and feels like when new subscribers join your list? It is imperative that your first email should be welcoming and at the same time to encourage engagement because that is the fastest way to build trust to scale up your business. 10 Highly Effective Encouraging Welcome Emails 1. Write a Encouraging &… Read More »

10 Catchy Phrases That Don’t Sell

In my earlier post, I shared 20 catchy phrases that sell. Today we are going to look at which are the phrases that you must absolutely avoid at all cost. These are catchy phrases that you do not use to sell and fortunately they are only a few to remember and I have compile a list of 10 catchy phrases for… Read More »

20 Catchy Phrases That Sell

There are many phrases that you can use to sell in internet marketing but there are only a handful catchy phrases that can really boost your sales. So which catchy phrases will encourage your mailing list, targeted traffic to take action and become buyers? I have managed to compile a list of top 20 catchy phrases below that… Read More »

Difference between Ghostwriting and Copywriting

Many are confused about the difference between ghostingwriting and copywriting. I hoped this short post will help to clear the confusion between the two and how you can leverage on the services provided by a copywriter and a ghostwriter to your advantage by outsourcing the difficult work to them. What is Ghostwriting A ghostwriter is an anonymous author or… Read More »